Small Groups are vital to the life and health of any church. These smaller groups are spaces where members get to know each other and where faith is expressed through love! Here at Living Word International, we have two kinds of small groups: Life Groups and Ministry Groups. Our vision is simple: EVERYONE IN A GROUP!

Life Groups are small groups of people who intentionally meet around the Word and to fellowship with one another.

Become part of a Life Group

To find out more about our groups, when they meet, who the leaders are and what they do, please visit our Life Groups list

Become a Life Group Host

Life Groups meet in homes, at church or anywhere the group feels comfortable to get together. A Life Group host is someone who either opens their house to their Life Group and/or makes sure that the group is taken care of wherever they decide to meet.

Become a Life Group Leader

Life Group leaders facilitate the meetings. They are NOT presenters per se, but they love the Lord and His people. Life Group leaders see the gifts and abilities in others and draw them out. They see the needs in the group and organize care. Life Group leaders seek to honor God first in everything they do in the group.

We hope you want to join us! Have questions? Please contact Pastor Niel at (301) 989-4673 x 1127, or at