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Cultural Christianity

This eye-opening message from Pastor Michael McDermott reveals the spiritual roots of abortion founded in the practice of child sacrifice made to an ancient deity.

The message is followed by a panel discussion on the trauma of abortion and its long lasting affects, the argument for life and the conspiracy of Black Genocide in the U.S.

Panelists include:
– Jacqueline Hawkins, Director of Minority Outreach, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

– Bill O’Clock
LWICC Pro-Life Ministry

– Pirkko O’Clock
LWICC Pro-Life Ministry

Scriptures & Outline:

I. The Womb of Creation
– Psalm 139:13-16
– Isaiah 44:24
– Jeremiah 1:5

II. The Spirit of Molek
– Leviticus 18:21, 20:1-5

III. The Agenda of Satan
– Exodus 1:15, 16
– Matthew 2:16
– Revelation 12:1-5

Bible Version: NIV


Passing It On – A Father’s Day Message

Speaker: Pastor Michael McDermott

Outline & Scriptures:

I Kings 2:1-4

Be willing to pave the way – 1Kings 3:3
Be willing to position your children for greatness – 1Kings 3:6
Be willing to do the fighting – 1Kings 5:3
Be willing to be a conveyor of the promise – 1Kings 6:11,12
Be willing to dream it, not build it – 1Kings 8:18,19
Be willing to do everything to make sure it’s passed on – 1Kings 9:6,7
Be willing to set the spiritual standard – 1Kings 14:8

Bible Version: NIV