The GOOD Fight in Faith

The GOOD Fight in Faith

Pastor Mark Joyner


  • Hebrews 11:1

    Faith: A firm belief in something for which there is no proof; Complete trust.

    FAITH verses doubt – John 20:24; Ephesians 6:12
    Measure(s) of FAITH – Romans 12:3-5; Jeremiah 1:5

    Three major demonstrations (actions) of faith:

    FAITH to risk (or to take risks) – Genesis 12:1-20; Hebrews
    FAITH to trust (what God says about you – not what mankind
    says) – Genesis 17:1-27; Hebrews 11:11
    FAITH to surrender (God’s will or our will?) Genesis 22:1-19;
    Psalm 143:10

    Bible Version: NKJV

Orphan spirit vs. Sonship

Pastor Christ Pautrat

Bible Verse (NASB) John 14:16-21

Sermon Details

– The orphan spirit operates out of insecurity and jealousy.
– The spirit of sonship functions out of love and acceptance.

– The orphan spirit is jealous of the success of his brothers.
– The mature son is committed to the success of his brothers.

– The orphan spirit serves God to earn the Father’s love.
– The mature son serves God out of a sense of divine acceptance and favor.

– The orphan spirit tries to medicate its deep internal
alienation through physical stimulation.
– The mature son walks in the joy and presence of the Lord for comfort.

– The orphan spirit is driven by the need for success.
– The Spirit leads the mature son into his calling and mission.

– The orphan spirit uses people as objects to fulfill goals.
– Mature sons serve people to bless the kingdom.

– The orphan spirit repels children.
– The spirit of sonship attracts children.

– The orphan spirit has anger and fits of rage.
– The spirit of sonship rests in the Father’s ability to control and guide the future.

– The orphan spirit is always in competition with others.
– The spirit of sonship is always blessing others.
– The orphan spirit lacks self-esteem.
– The spirit of sonship walks in the love and acceptance of Father God.

– The orphan spirit receives its primary identity through material possessions, physical appearance and activities.
– The spirit of sonship is grounded in sonship and the Father’s affirmation.