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But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.
John 1:7
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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Spring Bible Classes

Spring Classes - April 19-June 13

Personal Revival:
Monday: Chuks Ugbome - 7pm
When your routines and activities take the place of your pursuit for the presence of God, it’s time for a PERSONAL REVIVAL. Be re-awakened to your true nature in God and His purpose for you.

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts:
Tuesday: Sachia Khasar - 7:30pm
Understanding the difference between the infilling and baptism of the Holy Spirit is vital for our Christian walk. Following that with a Biblical understanding of how these gifts function practically will help you to know how your gift functions and when the Holy Spirit is guiding you to use it.

Tuesday: Edith Gabriel-Moon - 7pm
This class is for those who want to grow in their prophetic gift by understanding the details of how this gift functions so they can be used more effectively.

Wednesday: Deena Anand / Claudia Jones - 7pm
The Foundations program is appropriate for all followers of Jesus. It is for those who:
- Don’t feel like they have a firm handle on the basics of Christianity
- Have gone to church for years but are still not sure of what the Bible teaches on certain topics such as: sin, God, faith, baptism in water, baptism in the Holy Spirit, and habits for effective growth in faith.

Wednesdays: Grace Khasar / Krystal-Joy Dunn - 7pm
A study of boldness, courage and stepping into your purpose as taught to us from our favorite biblical queen.

Pearls of Wisdom
Friday: Lydia Soto-Torres - 7pm

Life of Jesus, Part 2:
Sunday: Niel van Staden - 7pm
Have you ever wondered where Jesus walked and ministered? Why do the Gospels have different accounts, and how do they fit together? What are they trying to communicate? In Part 2 of this class, we will continue to explore the rich content of all four Gospels starting with Jesus' early Galilean ministry.

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“Great environment! You can definitely feel the Lord's presence and the wonderful spirits in there such as myself. Thank you Jesus! The living God we come to love and worship every day. Hallelujah!”
Joey Aridod
“Amazing people and amazing gospel message.”
Nnabetan Khasar
“Family oriented. Great fellowship. Great teachings. We get equipped. The Spirit of God is always present.”
Ivette Velazquez Rosaly
“I visited the church on Sunday with my family. The moment I stepped into the front doors of the building, I was greeted by two women, and they made me feel at home. I was very nervous to be back in church, and my desire was to find a new home and I did. The moment the worship started I felt the presence. I was happy and I am so eager to come again on Sunday. The preaching hit home and ministered my life greatly. I took my portion of blessing home, and I was happy to know now I have a church where I can go”
Canilleca Grizela
“It's the place to be and feels like home.”
Lina Dunn
"Youth group is where I got to know Christ for myself, where I first encountered the Holy Spirit, where I learned to worship loudly and without shame. It's where I felt safe, and most of all, it’s where I made bonds and lasting relationships that I’m forever thankful for."
Michelin Vaughn
"MDP [Ministerial Development Program] is the most exciting program offered to the congregants to participate in. The volume of attendees and the moving of the Holy Spirit made it exciting to learn how to minister."
"It's a loving, caring, gathering place!"
"Living Word's Stephen Ministry has lived up to its mantra, 'no one should hurt alone,' especially when going through challenging seasons."
"I was really blessed and transformed by the GriefShare program and made deep connections with other attendees."