Our Vision

Equip all people through the Word of God to expand the kingdom of God

Our Mission

To build up generations to know, believe, and live the Word and change the world for Christ.

Welcome to the Living Word International Christian Church website, or Living Word for short. The fact that you found this page indicates that you are smarter than the average Joe! Did you also know that you can now use that name on your checks? Did you know that our email has also changed to LWICC.org? If you tried to send an email to one of our old addresses and it didn’t work, try emailing to Somebody@lwicc.org, or use our contact us form.

Questions? Call us 301 989-4673

Bible Study

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RSS One Year Bible Reading

  • Thu, Sep 19 September 18, 2019
    One Year Bible Readings - ISAIAH 30:12-33:9 | GALATIANS 5:1-12 | PSALM 63:1-11 | PROVERBS 23:22